How to celebrate your birthday in style?

From the spirited Aries to the dreamy Pisces, it is ok to honor your special day unapologetically. Loud and Proud!  It does not matter how old you are. Go ahead and celebrate, reflect, and honor your life.

Be sure to consider some of the following tips and tricks so your day will be glorious!

  1. Consider how you would like to celebrate your birthday beforehand so you won’t find yourself rushing around at the last minute trying to figure out what you want to do on your special day. Some possible options are listed below.
      • Consider sending invitations via text, email, or social media outlets to save money.
      • If you are on a budget, explore local Dollar Stores or online discount party supply boutiques as they often sell party supplies at discount rates.
      • Purchase all items before your birthday celebration, not the day of the event.
      1. Think about how many people you would like to invite.
      • Are you feeling like you want just a few people?
      • Do you want a medium size gathering of maybe about 10 people?
      • Or, are you feeling like you just want to invite everyone you love!
      1. Decide who you would like to invite.
      • Family
      • Friends
      • Colleagues

      NOTE:  Do not invite people who you know will  struggle with their ability to let you enjoy your special day void of unnecessary drama, animosity, jealousy, conflict, or tension.

      1. Select a celebration date and time.
      • Consider the schedules of others. For example, some may prefer a weekend gathering because they do not have to work on weekends.    
      • Remember to invite your guests. Do not assume they know that they are invited.   In addition, clearly communicate pertinent information to your guests (i.e. date, location, time, RSVP deadline)
      1. If you select a venue, contact the venue to determine if they have any requirements or suggestions to help you to best prepare. Some possible questions to ask are listed below.
      • Should you make a reservation?
      • What is the best time to come with a group?
      • How much should your guests expect to spend?
      • Can you bring a cake or will they only allow you to purchase a cake from their establishment?
      • Can you bring decorations?
      • Is there an age requirement?  
      1. What are you going to wear? Do you want your guests to all wear the same color or reflect a certain theme? Or, do you want all your best girl friends to wear a Birthday T from L Apparel so you can do a divas' photo shoot?
      1. Try to do all your prep work before the day of the party to minimize mishaps on your  special day.
      • If you purchased decorations, unwrap and prep them early.
      • If you plan to get your hair and nails done, do it 1-2 days before the celebration.
      • If you plan to prepare food, prep and cook what you can 1-2 days before.  
      • Purchase and pick up your cake the day before.
      • Organize and lay out your outfit the day before.

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      All the best,

      L Apparel & Print Creations, CEO, Dr. Lisa Pickett


      L Apparel and Print Creations Diva, Ashaa, rocking her Libra Birthday T with a stylish black blazer.

      L Apparel and Print Creations Diva, Kiki, slaying her Capricorn Birthday T with a pair of divalicious loafers. 


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