How to BE DOPE?

 How to BE DOPE? 

The BE DOPE T!  was created to serve as your fearless, unapologetic visual reminder to slap any negative thoughts or haters clear across the face (metaphorically speaking!) with your unwavering ability to wear your BE DOPE C.A.P.

The BE DOPE C.A.P. represents your ability to practice Confidence, Awareness, and Pride!

You can develop your very own BE DOPE C.A.P. by practicing the following steps. 

Step 1: Build Confidence

As you move through your day, practice resisting the temptation to look for others to validate you. Validate yourself. Speak it into your subconscious. Your reality. Your spirit.

  • Try whispering before you go to bed every night,  when you wake in the morning and...matter fact all damn day the following words: “I am worthy, beautiful and smart. I deserve to be loved, honored, and respected because I am amazing.” 

Step 2: Build Awareness

 As you move through your day, practice training yourself to be more aware and present. What this looks like may vary based on your individual goals, desires, passions, responsibilities, and life circumstances.

  • Try picking one aspect of interest you would like to learn more about and do it! Just pick one though! Don't overwhelm yourself. Maybe you want to learn how to eat healthier? How to manage your money better? How to control your anger? How to exercise? Or, learn more about your history? Your culture? How to be a better parent? How to be more patient? How to organize your time better? How to buy a house? How to be a better listener? How to communicate better? The possibilities for awareness are endless. Use the internet, go to the library, attend a workshop, take a class, and ask questions!
  • Just remember the key to being aware successfully is to start small and build. As time passes, let it marinate. Slowly practice using your new found knowledge. Observe others who also know and effectively model what you know. Evaluate what you know. Analyze what you know. 

Step 3: Build Pride

 As you move through your day, practice finding joy and satisfaction in personal, professional, and cultural accomplishments.

  • Try demanding of yourself that you take a moment every day to think about at least one self-accomplishment or self-achievement that brings you joy or satisfaction. Speak it aloud. Bring it to life by whispering softly. Or, close your eyes and try thinking about it.
  • Remember it doesn't have to be complex or grandiose. It could be that you saved some extra money. You lost a few pounds. You practiced patience with a loved one, friend, or colleague. You graduated! Your ancestors planted seeds for you to be. You cooked dinner.  You helped a person in need. You survived. You loved. You lived!

You will find that the more you practice the BE DOPE mindset your path to happiness and peace will become unapologetically priceless!

Join the conversation and enter your positive experiences practicing ways to build confidence, awareness, and pride. 

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All the best,

L Apparel & Print Creations CEO, Dr. Lisa Pickett



 L Apparel and Print fan, Daniela, rocking her Be Dope T as she relaxes on her front porch proud to be a homeowner, mother, and wife of over 20 years!


  • LOVE this concept because it applies to ANYONE…woman, man and/or children!

  • I love this post! I actually plan on being dope and cooking dinner tomorrow, I was happy to see that listed as a way to be dope!

  • I love this post! I actually plan on being dope and cooking dinner tomorrow, I was happy to see that listed as a way to be dope!

  • This is an awesome affirmation to build self assurance! You ROCK!!

  • Very well written and inspiring. In a world where everyone is looking for acceptance from others. This is exactly what we need. Ladies Be Dope!!


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