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Dr. Pickett's Limited Great Reads Collection.

Now available to the public! Each book is $10 or less!

African American Literature, Self-Help, Motherhood, Leadership, Memoirs, Financial Wellness, and much more!

Story Behind the Collection

This collection captures my lifelong passion for reading and gathering  information. Now, it is time to make room for the next chapter. Hence, my collection is available to you. Need a little life guidance? Want to finally make some moves to accomplish your dreams? Want to know more about finances? Feeling a little depressed because of a broken heart and need guidance? Trying to get past being your own roadblock? Or, do you simply want to cuddle up and just get lost in a fictional world? If so, I guarantee you will find a book here that will fill that void! Peruse the collection and purchase what you like.  It is my hope that you find a book that will provide you with the same sense of pleasure, happiness, and guidance that I found within the beautiful world of this limited collection.

Imagine. Smile. Laugh. Learn.

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