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Dr. Pickett's Limited Great Reads Collection.

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African American Literature, Self-Help, Motherhood, Leadership, Memoirs, Financial Wellness, and much more!

Story Behind the Collection 

In sum, this collection captures my lifelong passion for reading and gathering  information. As such, I have spent countless evenings devouring one book at a time! Some more than others. In particular, African American Literature, health awareness, financial awareness, and self-help books. Most importantly, through this collection, I was able to create tender spaces to reflect, cope, recover, heal and dream. So, if you want to know how I learned to do so and is because I first picked up one of these books! Now, it is time to make room for the next chapter. Hence, my collection is available to you. Need a little life guidance? Want to finally make some moves to accomplish your dreams? Want to know more about finances? Feeling a little depressed because of a broken heart and need guidance? Trying to get past being your own roadblock? Or, do you simply want to cuddle up and just get lost in a fictional world that honors and celebrates African Americans? If so, I guarantee you will find a book here that will fill that void! Peruse the collection and purchase what you like.  It is my hope that you find a book that will provide you with the same sense of pleasure, happiness, and guidance that I found within the beautiful world of this limited collection.

Imagine. Smile. Laugh. Learn.

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