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So excited to be a featured contributor in TENDER--a touching collection of poetry, prose, and art by Black women in Pittsburgh.  TENDER unlocks and embraces untold stories. It is an anthology that grew out of a longing for connection and comfort in a city and a world that is not always tender toward Black women. As such, TENDER is brought to you by healing hands, prayers, loud laughter, and freestyles.





First Week of School Talking Points: High School Teachers  by Dr. Lisa Pickett

The first week of school for high school teachers is often like a whirlwind! New schedules, building student relationships, new initiatives, lesson plans, learning new content, attending meetings, parent orientations, open-houses, professional developments, setting-up classrooms, organizing files, books, supplies....the list is endless! Hence, teacher self-care during this time is key, which is why I created First Week of School Talking Points: High School Teachers to do some of the prep work for teachers---help manage the work load. First Week of School Talking Points: High School Teachers will do the thinking for teachers...serve as a guide post to help high school teachers gather their thoughts and prepare key talking points for the first week of school. This type of support during the beginning of the year is key as it is a known fact that a teacher that begins the school year strong is way more likely to find sustained success than those who do not.




Dr. Lisa Pickett

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