Dr Ann's 10-step Diet: A Simple Plan For Permanent Weight Loss And Lifelong Vitality Hardcover

Dr Ann's 10-step Diet: A Simple Plan For Permanent Weight Loss And Lifelong Vitality Hardcover

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In her revolutionary weight loss program, Ann Kulze, M.D., demystifies the nutritional science that leads to sustainable weight loss and good health. Unlike fad diets or lose-weight-quick schemes, the 10-Step Diet prides itself on taking the entirety of your wellness into account. It goes beyond teaching you what to eat: it teaches you why you should eat certain foods and avoid others.

The 10-Step Diet is not "low carb," "high protein," "low cal," or "low fat." Instead, it is a new way of eating and living that results in permanent weight loss and dramatic improvement in overall health and wellness. Best of all, it’s surprisingly simple, and the results are permanent because the plan is realistic, flexible, and comprehensive.

In the 10-Step Diet, Dr. Ann reveals the benefits of the right fats, the right proteins, the right carbohydrates. She teaches you not only what to eat, but also how to live: what to buy at the grocery store and what to avoid, how to prepare your meals at home, and how to dine out without sacrificing your health and weight. Dr. Ann outlines the almost drug-like properties of some of the most powerful foods science knows and how they—along with lifestyle modifications—can prevent the ten most common diseases affected by nutrition. Most important, she offers the scientific reasoning behind her recommendations, so you can fully understand your body and how your nutritional choices affect the way you look and feel.

It’s time to throw out the idea that dieting means eating strange foods or depriving yourself of great tastes, and start enjoying what you eat—not merely for the taste, but also for the proven nourishment the right foods offer. Whether you have 10 pounds to lose or 100, Dr. Ann’s 10-Step Diet will help you look good, feel great, and stay well.